Sustainability Engagement Services

Are you looking for a hands-on service to inspire your team to adopt sustainable behaviours? Or perhaps to educate them on sustainability issues?

As an experienced marketing and communications specialist, driving engagement is Katelyn's bread & butter. Combined with her passion for and knowledge of sustainability, behavioural science, and empowering positive collective action, she can help you to supercharge your team's sustainability journey.

Using the framework of Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg (Founder of the Behavior Design Lab), Katelyn will help you to motivate and inspire sustainable behaviours in your team. Whether it's reducing food waste or ditching the car for a lower carbon transport option, she will help you to design a bespoke sustainability behaviour change and/or education program for your team. 

This will be delivered over a series of workshops and includes the development of branded content, fact sheets, and prompts.  

Want to learn more about our sustainability engagement services?

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