Embed sustainability into your culture

 Our gamified platform helps organisations empower their employees to take sustainability action. Engage your team while driving tangible sustainability outcomes!

  • Engage employees
    Encourage and track your team's engagement with sustainability, at work and at home. Share their stories and collective impact.
  • Drive impact
    Reduce waste and energy consumption through inspiring positive behaviours in your people. Lower costs while you're at it!
  • Foster innovation
    Empower your team to take ownership through collaboration and co-creation of future sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability engagement for the whole team

Culture, engagement, and employee retention are among the top challenges facing businesses. 

While sustainability is one of the highest requested employee engagement programs, businesses often lack the tools and resources to create scalable, effective programs.

SeedCulture caters to employees at all levels of knowledge and engagement when it comes to sustainability, delivered through a customisable experience that combines gamification and a positive social ecosystem. 

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Business AND planet positive

  • Fully Configurable

    Easily tailored to meet the needs & goals of your organisation.

  • Aligned with the UN SDGs

    Each activity is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Reporting dashboards

    To help you track your team's impact and engagement.

  • Informed by psychology

    Our platform is based on the latest in behavioural science and psychology.

  • Responsive across devices

    To enable sustainability action anywhere, anytime.

  • Built to Integrate

    We integrate with various existing messaging platforms.

How it works

  • 1

    Team action

     Employees self-nominate for various sustainability challenges + actions, where they can connect with other colleagues making changes and earn points for positive engagement.

    Each activity includes background information to help them understand why it matters and the sustainability impact, with configurable options to allow organisations to tailor them to their needs.

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    Sustainability ideas

    Employees can submit ideas for business sustainability initiatives and opportunities, which can be voted and collaborated on by other team members.

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    Reward engagement

    Points are awarded based on engagement with activities. Each month, if your employees meet a threshold of engagement on the platform, they unlock trees being planted via our tree-planting partners.

    Measure, monitor, and share your sustainability impact at both the individual employee and collective company level.

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