Embed sustainability into your culture

 Our platform helps you educate, inspire, & empower employees to take sustainability action. Engage your team while driving tangible sustainability outcomes!

Planet AND business positive

  • Engage employees
    Encourage and gamify your team's engagement with sustainability, at work and at home. Track their impact over time.
  • Foster innovation
    Inspire your team to put forward ideas for sustainability initiatives, efficiencies and innovations in your business.
  • Show commitment
    Help your people to be part of your sustainability journey and authentically deliver on your commitments.

Sustainability that every employee can be part of

Sustainability is among the highest requested employee engagement programs. However, businesses to date have lacked the tools and resources to drive large-scale education and uptake in the workforce.

SeedCulture caters for employees at all levels of knowledge and engagement when it comes to sustainability, delivered through an inclusive experience that combines gamification and a positive social ecosystem. 

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How it works

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    Team action

     Employees self-nominate for various sustainability challenges + actions, where they can connect with other colleagues making changes and earn points for positive engagement.

    Each activity includes background information to help them understand why it matters and the sustainability impact, with configurable options for companies to add in their own initiatives/programs.

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    Sustainability ideas

    Employees can submit ideas for business sustainability initiatives and opportunities, which can be voted and collaborated on by other team members.

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    Reward engagement

    Points are awarded based on engagement with actions, challenges, and the idea box. Points earned by employees translate to trees planted in real life, creating a double positive incentive. Additional custom rewards can also be set by companies.

    Measure, monitor, and share your sustainability impact at both the individual employee and collective company level.

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