Workforce sustainability engagement

Our gamified software platform helps organizations democratize sustainability in their workforce. Upskill and empower your people to help meet your sustainability and ESG goals.

  • Drive efficiency
    Become more resource efficient through inspiring positive behaviours in your people. Lower costs while you're at it.
  • Engage employees
    Attract and retain talent that is interested in making a positive impact (that's over 70% of millennials).
  • Share impact
    Share your team's collective impact and demonstrate your authentic commitment to sustainability.

Why is workforce sustainability engagement important?

Sustainability cuts across all aspects and departments of a business, from energy consumption to procurement. Without the involvement of employees, achieving sustainability goals in an efficient manner is impossible. 

Not only this, but today's workforce looks for opportunities to help their organization become more sustainable. This requires effective education and ongoing engagement of employees; something that most sustainability leaders lack the time and training to do.

SeedCulture helps galvanize employees around sustainability and make it easier for them to integrate sustainability into their business decisions.

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Loved by both employees and businesses alike

Employees earn points for completing sustainability-related education modules, as well as for helping to manage and co-create sustainability initiatives within their organisation.  

As they earn points, we plant trees on their behalf, doubling their impact.

  • Fully configurable

    Select, customise and re-brand both modules and challenges to suit your organisation's needs.

  • Aligned with the UN SDGs

    Each learning module and innovation challenge is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Actionable reporting

    To help you track your team's progress and impact. Feed into sustainability reports and employee training programs.

  • Highly interactive and social

    Bite-sized, immersive, and curated sustainability courses to engage learners.

  • Leveraging behavioural science

    Using gamification, micro-learning, and social norming to drive effective engagement.

  • Accessible monthly price

    Pay per user, per month. Foster continuous sustainability learning and engagement at an affordable price.

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